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Livestock farming

As a livestock farmer, do you have international ambitions and want to distribute your external communication in other languages? Then look no further than translation certified agency AgroLingua. The specialist native speakers understand and speak your professional language and provide translations that add extra value to your product and/or company.

Do you require translations of breeding programmes for a Red Holstein with a high milk production, instructions for a milking robot? Or maybe you need translations for the website of a sustainable food producer of balanced animal feed, that consists of residual flows from the food industry? Thanks to their educational background and/or experience in the sector, the translators at agricultural translation agency AgroLingua have no problem in realising this.

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Sustainable developments

Dutch livestock farms mainly use dual-purpose cows. As well as having a high score value in Scrabble, the dual-purpose cow makes livestock farming more sustainable.

Dual-purpose cows are capable of producing high quality milk as well as high quality meat. Modern cattle often excel producing one or the other. The dual-purpose cow offers a sustainable solution as it contributes to both elements whilst providing marginally lower quantities than the official standard requires.

Digitalisation is key

Most modern farms are fully equipped with sensors that collect a huge amount of data. This data provides those working in the sector with new insights, and confirms the importance of data-based livestock farming to the future success of the industry.

Today, cows on livestock farms are increasingly fitted with sensors to, for example, monitor the rumen process, or measure milk flows through the milking machines. Collecting this data allows farmers to clearly focus on implementing and improving livestock processes.

Livestock farming translations

Globalisation means that multilingual communication is a must in the industry. Whether your business focuses on the national or international market, there are more than enough reasons to opt for a translation service.

Specialist agricultural translation agency AgroLingua is the number one agency for Danish, Italian, Spanish and German translations of your articles and documents. This could be anything from barn equipment manuals, social media content on artificial insemination or a legal agreement for a new partnership. Our specialist native speakers can fulfil every requirement.

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Translation agency AgroLingua focuses entirely on the agri-food sector. Our strength lies in the broad knowledge and experience we have in the agricultural world. After years of sowing, nurturing and harvesting, our translation agency and our translations have become the standard! Would you like more information about AgroLingua’s services? We’d be delighted to explain more in person. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!