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Poultry farming

The Poultry sector is an important (and growing) part of the Dutch food industry. Broadly speaking, we can divide the poultry sector into two branches: the meat and egg industries.

In the meat industry, animals are kept by poultry farmers for the production of poultry meat. The poultry farmer can also opt for the egg industry. In this instance, hens are kept purely for the production of eggs, for consumption or processing into (end) products such as mayonnaise, bread, cakes and pastries, pancakes and meringues.

Egg and meat consumption from the poultry sector is expected to increase further during the next few years: from 23 kg per person to 24.5 kg per person.

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Partnership with Dutch Poultry Centre

The Netherlands is internationally renowned for its poultry farming expertise. Our partner, Dutch Poultry Centre, focuses on safeguarding and reinforcing the positive reputation of the Dutch poultry sector.

AgroLingua has been working intensively with various leading companies and organisations in the poultry sector for many years, from companies producing smart lighting solutions to developers of revolutionary hatching systems. Most of these companies are also members of Dutch Poultry Centre, providing an ideal opportunity for AgroLingua to expand its business network, enter into new collaborations and establish itself even further within the sector.

The partnership between AgroLingua and Dutch Poultry Centre means that AgroLingua will be added as preferred partner.

As a preferred partner, AgroLingua is involved in diverse contact moments and knowledge sharing sessions, which are organised by and for partners. Sharing knowledge and ideas with companies in the sector often leads to innovative solutions and cross-pollination. As a certified translation agency, AgroLingua will support members of Dutch Poultry Centre in the area of multilingual communication in all preferred languages.

Supermarkets take control

Today’s food industry is shaped by the Dutch Retail landscape. Products are produced for specific chains and are no longer interchangeable. As an example, let’s focus on poultry farming, an industry in which the influence of Dutch retailers is clear.

This is demonstrated by the fact that from 1 January 2023, all major Dutch retailers will only sell chicken products with a minimum of one star from Beter Leven’s quality label rating. This means that the Dutch poultry sector will have to make adjustments to its processes, for example, a form of segregation may emerge between poultry farmers focused on the domestic market and those focused on international markets.

These issues are not only confined to the Netherlands. Only recently, the Belgian supermarkets Colruyt and Okay announced that all their chicken meat products will have to meet the requirements of the Better Chicken Commitment from 2026.

Translations for poultry farming

The Netherlands is internationally renowned for its poultry farming expertise. Large quantities of poultry meat have been exported abroad from the Netherlands for years, Germany and the UK being the main export destinations.

Due to the increasing demand for products from the meat, egg and supporting sectors, the demand for multilingual communication is also on the rise. As a specialist translation agency, we provide expert translation support.

Are you going to export lighting systems or floor systems designed for the poultry sector, to international markets? Don’t forget to translate instruction manuals, assembly instructions or a social media campaign into, for example, English, Spanish, Chinese or German.

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