Food Valley Wageningen: key player in the agri and food sector.

The Food Valley region is the leading agri-food centre in Europe. Based around the Dutch city of Wageningen, it is the top region for companies and entrepreneurs focusing on food, agriculture and public health. A wide range of large international companies and small start-ups are based in this region, all focused on creating a better future for the agri and food sector.

Types of companies in Food Valley Wageningen

Various companies operating in Food Valley Wageningen conduct research and develop new products that have a positive impact on our food supply and welfare. Food Valley Wageningen is home to more than 150 companies and institutions active in food research, development and production. Some examples include Unilever, FrieslandCampina and DSM.

Food Valley Wageningen is renowned for its diverse mix of companies, as well as its firm focus on sustainability, public health and food innovation. These three pillars form the basis of all activities within the region.

Sustainability, public health and food in the Food Valley

Food Valley Wageningen is a key player in the areas of sustainability and public health. Companies based in this region address issues such as food waste reduction and the development of sustainable production methods. Research is also conducted to assess the impact of food production on the environment and how this impact can be reduced.

Alongside sustainability, public health is another important topic which companies in the Food Valley actively engage with. They work on the development of healthy food products and investigate the relationship between food, nutrition and health. One aspect, for example, explores how healthy food can contribute to the prevention of specific health issues, such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Food innovations in the Food Valley

Food innovations play an important role in improving food production and consumption. Companies based in the Food Valley work continuously on developing these innovations. For example, new technology is being developed that can help reduce food waste. Other ideas include packaging that can extend product shelf life and sensors that ensure effective monitoring of food quality.

New products are also being created in the Food Valley that contribute to a more sustainable planet. One example is plant-based meat substitutes, for which the texture and flavour of meat are perfectly replicated.

Translations in the Food Valley

High quality translations are vital to sharing knowledge and expertise with the rest of the world. The precise translation of research results and ideas into various languages means you can be globally effective. Sharing knowledge with other international companies active in the agri and food sector promotes a collaborative approach to realising a sustainable and healthier global food supply.

AgroLingua and Food Valley Wageningen

Translation agency AgroLingua is also active in Food Valley Wageningen. Our colleague Graham Jackson lives in Wageningen and helps clients with their agri and food translation requirements on a daily basis. In doing so, Graham continues to broaden his knowledge and expertise relating to the agri and food sector. Is your company also active in the sector and looking for the right translation agency?

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