5 tips for perfect digital communication in agriculture

5 tips for perfect digital communication in agriculture

Never before have we had so many opportunities to show practically everyone how life in the agricultural sector works. Good digital communication brings the agricultural sector and consumers closer together; in a manner of speaking, we move the farm’s stable into any living room or school class. How do you ensure your digital communication online is a success?

Nowadays there are so many possibilities to reach people around the world; think of the well-known communication channels such as YouTube or TikTok or social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Anyone who really wants to take steps internationally must also ensure the messages are available in multiple languages and language levels. There is a big difference between the language used on LinkedIn and Facebook, for example.

AgroLingua’s (translation) specialists not only provide an excellent translation, but also think of the right tone of voice so that it suits the target audience. This way, your customers and consumers are addressed in the right way.

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1. Determining the target audience

Who do I want to reach with my messages? This question determines who you should address with which content and on which digital channel. Is it the general public? Or should you be targeting a young, urban audience? Or families who want to visit a farm?

If you know the target group, you can not only determine the right content, but also use the right communication channel.

2. Speak a friendly language that’s understood by everyone

To address the right people within the target group, you must take the correct language into account; a buyer of an agricultural machine is approached differently than a customer of a food producer of vegan products.

In general, simple language, with a friendly undertone, is easier to address people within the target group and/or to convey information.

3. Credible messages and stories

Write honest and personal messages, so communication becomes human and accessible. People love stories and want more background information on products, especially when it concerns their food. The content should be as short as possible and also captivating.

Use questions to increase interaction with the customers. Machines, nature and animals are always in the spotlight.

4. Provide good-quality photos and videos

Photos and videos should be of good quality and preferably with an emotional touch. Either way, a poor presentation makes a message less interesting and the consumer is more likely to look elsewhere. For more informative topics, photos and videos should contain important information or fit well with the spoken or written part.

5. Communicate regularly

Thanks to regular messages, the group of followers will increase. It is therefore really worth your while to plan a timetable that should of course be as exciting and interesting as the year on the farm. It is important that you regularly write and post content, at least weekly to once a month, to maintain digital communication with customers.

Use the translators at AgroLingua for your translations

Do you have a broad audience, are you just starting your digital communication or are you just about to start? It is always important to have all texts translated correctly from A to Z. We specialise in translations for the agricultural, horticultural, livestock, food, and related sectors. And we always consider the specific terminology used in various languages.

Are you curious about our translation services and what we can do for you? Please contact us for more information.

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