What is a native speaker? Discover the benefits of using native speakers for your translations

What is a native speaker? Discover the benefits of using native speakers for your translations

Translating professional communication to a high standard requires skill. The translation process must retain the same context and message as the original texts. The intent and purpose of the text must also be taken into account as well as any culture-specific aspects that apply in the target language. For this reason, it is best to work with translators who are native speakers. What is a native speaker?

You can quite adequately translate simple texts yourself or use one of the many online machine translation systems. But texts for professional purposes need a high-quality translation. This is where the expertise of a native speaker can help.

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What is a native speaker?

A native speaker is defined as a person who has gained knowledge of a language from birth, as their first language. This is the language they first learnt to speak, read, and write. Another definition is ‘a native speaker has learned the language through a natural process of language acquisition’.

Mother tongue is also used to refer to the language a person started learning from birth. Although they are not exactly identical terms, they are often used interchangeably. Dutch is the mother tongue of a person who was born and raised in the Netherlands. Were you raised bilingually? For example, because you have one Spanish and one Dutch parent? In that case, you are a native speaker of two languages: Spanish and Dutch.

Native-speaking translators

A native-speaking translator is a professional translator who translates texts from a source language into his or her mother tongue. The text is translated into the native language of the translator.

However, if you are a native speaker of Spanish, it does not mean you are automatically an excellent translator. And being able to speak a language well does not imply that you are a good writer. Translating texts is a specialised skill. It requires finding precisely the right words and nuances to convey the message of a text.

The benefits of using native speakers for your translations

Having your texts translated by a native speaker offers many advantages:

  • VocabularyA native speaker has a wider vocabulary. This enables the translator to make the translations more lively and varied.
  • Differences in stylistic expression and nuancesNative speakers can identify and communicate the slightest linguistic subtleties and nuances much better. This retains the impact and meaning of the original message and avoids misinterpretation and misunderstandings.
  • Linguistic creativity.When you have an excellent command of a language, you can be more creative in your use of language. This improves the legibility and flow of the translation.
  • Language sensitivities.A native speaker takes the language sensitivities and cultural practice and customs into account.
  • Recent developmentsAs native speakers often still live in their country of origin and have close contacts there, they are completely up to date with the latest, relevant developments. This ensures the translations are also up-to-date in terms of content.

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