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Translating a blog: why is it so important?

Have you recently published a blog that attracts many visitors? As an internationally active company, it is advisable to translate the blog into, for example, Dutch, German, French or Spanish; well-written blogs are also read by your foreign target group. Translating a blog: why is it so important for the internationalisation of your company? AgroLingua’s language and translation specialists are happy to explain.

There are many reasons for internationally active companies to draw attention to products or services by means of a high-quality written blog: with each blog, people will find you faster in search engines, more links are created to your website, with the result that the brand enjoys better recognition and you will also be seen by readers as an expert in your subject. In addition, parts of blogs can be used as a separate social media post on LinkedIn or Xing; this in turn provides an extra piece of content that can be published.

To properly address your international target group, some rules do apply. Thanks to the help of a specialist translation agency, you can take cultural differences, search engine optimisation and, if applicable, the translation of slogans, proverbs and sayings into account. AgroLingua only uses language and translation specialists who speak your language.

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From search engine to website

The purpose of search engines is to provide the searching user with the best possible result for their query; often, this is high-quality information that meets their needs. Search engines like Google love high-quality content and websites that post regular content. Every time a new blog article is published, this page is indexed by the search engine. The more high-quality pages and keywords the search engine can index, the more possibilities there are to be easily found.

If, in addition to your English website, you also have a Spanish, German or French version of your website, you have already taken one important step towards a successful marketing strategy abroad! Thanks to the right high-quality content, you can convince both the search engines and your target group of your qualities in his or her language.

Expertise and brand trust

When you successfully sell products in your own country, your customers have a lot of confidence in your product and company; this is called brand trust. If you start selling products abroad, you can’t immediately expect the new international buyer persona to have the same brand trust; after all, you are a new player on the market.

Translating and publishing blogs can help build brand trust among your international buyer personas. By translating a blog, you ensure the texts are available in the native language of the new target group and you show your expertise; confidence grows, which means the product is likely to be purchased more quickly.

Content recycling

Your blog’s content can easily be used multiple times; for example, as a concise summary on LinkedIn or by using the introduction of the blog as a LinkedIn message (again). In addition, (still relevant) blogs from, for example, 2019 or 2020 can be rewritten and used for a Spanish, German or French translation.

In addition to publishing content across different platforms, there are other strategies you can adopt regarding content recycling. If you have written a blog with ten tips why your product is better than others, you can create a whole series of posts: 10 tips in 10 messages in 10 business days.

Then why not always create social media posts instead of a website with a blog archive? After a few days, almost all social platforms will no longer show the text. A message will collect a few likes in the first 48 hours but after that, it is seen only sporadically or not at all. When the blog is published on your website, it will be indexed by a search engine and remain findable forever.

Need help with blog translations?

If you have a reasonable command of the Spanish, German or French language but prefer to leave translations to specialists, then call in the (translation) specialists of a recognised translation agency.

A recognised translation agency such as AgroLingua takes the translation of texts within the agriculture and food sectors very seriously. We only work with native speakers who speak your professional language, whether it concerns translations for the food industry, poultry farming or agriculture.

Are you curious about our translation services and what we can do for your business? Please contact us for more information.

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